Rhythm Selection Drop Down List

Comprehensive Set of Rhythms and Arrhythmias

  • Choose between 33 of the most common cardiac rhythms and arrhythmias
  • Introduce PACs, PJCs, or Unifocal, Multifocal or Couplet PVCs to most rhythms
  • Increase or decrease heart rate, conduction ratio or amplitude
  • Display a total of 297 unique rhythm or arrhythmia variations
six-second rhythm strip

Seamless Rhythm Transitions

  • Seamlessly transition between different rhythms, rates, conduction ratios and ectopic activity.
  • Demonstrate realistic patient scenarios
ECG Ruler

Analyze Rhythms In-Depth

  • View rhythms with or without a standard six-second strip with millimeter markings
  • Pause rhythm playback to get a better look
  • Measure heart rate, time (ms) and voltage (mV) using our on-screen, draggable, transparent ECG ruler
Random Rhythm Button

Quiz Yourself or Your Audience

  • Generate a random rhythm and test your ECG recognition skills
  • Learn to recognize 297 different rhythm variations
  • Show or hide rhythm information while generating random rhythms
Slide Show Integration

Easy Slide-Show Integration*

  • Lock the simulator window on top of all other windows and remove the border
  • Make ECG Simulator look and act as if it is a part of a slide show or any other program

*Available only in ECG Simulator Professional Edition

Keyboard Controls

Control ECG Simulator from the Keyboard*

  • Control all ECG Simulator functions with simple keyboard shortcuts
  • Quiz your audience or run full scenarios with rhythm information hidden from view

*Available only in ECG Simulator Professional Edition

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