What's New in Version 2.0?

More Fine-Grained Control over each Rhythm

The underlying changes to the simulator now allow us to offer an unparalleled level of control over each generated rhythm:

  • Set any heart rate in 1 bpm increments
  • Control sinus and ventricular rates independently in 3rd degree AV-block
  • Control the upper and lower bounds of Sinus Arrhythmia
  • Set conduction ratio (2:1, 3:1 or 4:1) independently from Atrial rate in Atrial Flutter
  • Control the frequency of ectopic beats for PAC, PJC, & PVC
  • Choose the ectopic origination for PJC & PVC
More Control

Combine Multiple Rhythms

Because rhythms are generated dynamically and are designed to truly simulate the conduction system of the heart, you can create rare combinations of rhythms not offered in other simulators. For example:

  • 3rd Degree AV-Block with Atrial Fibrillation
  • Sinus Arrhythmia with Sinus Exit block
  • Bundle Branch Block with Atrial Flutter
  • Wolff-Parkinson-White with Atrial Fibrillation
  • Combine PJC's and PVC's on the same rhythm

The options are endless!

Combine Rhythms

Now with Even More Rhythms

We now offer 46 preset rhythms you can choose from. Along with our ability to customize nearly everything about each rhythm, there are literally thousands of unique rhythms you can generate!

Below are a few of the new preset rhythms added:

  • Non-Respiratory Sinus Arrhythmia
  • Long QT Syndrome
  • Multi-formed Atrial Rhythm
  • Atrial Flutter with WPW
  • 3rd Degree AV-Block with Junctional Escape
  • Atrial Pacing with Loss of Capture
  • Ventricular Pacing with 3rd Degree AV Block
  • Polymorphic Ventricular Tachycardia

And we're adding new rhythms and customization options all the time!

More Rhythms

Analyze Each Rhythm In-Depth

Pause the rhythm to get a closer look, then zoom in with our on-screen magnifying glass.

Click and drag on the screen with our measurement tool to view intervals, rates and volatage in mV.

Everything you need for in-depth analysis of any rhythm!

Better Tools

More Realistic Rhythms

We have redesigned our software from the ground up to simulate the actual electrical impulses and conduction of the heart rather than simply drawing rhythms to the screen. This allows us to dynamically alter the rhythms and add realistic levels of noise and a wandering baseline.

We've also updated all of our samples to more closely represent actual ECG tracings. The end result are rhythms that look more like what you'll see in the field!

More Realistic

Fully Customizable Heart Monitor Display

Now you can change everything about how the heart monitor is displayed!

  • Choose from 5 Preset Color Schemes
  • Choose duration (10-seconds, 6-seconds or 4-seconds)
  • Show or hide the grid
  • Choose left-to-right or right-to-left scrolling direction
  • Adjust voltage gain

Match the look of your field equipment or mix it up to keep your students on their toes!

Customizable Display

Output to a Second Monitor or Projector

You can now use the full simulator with all of it's controls as usual on your primary screen, while simulataneously showing the just the rhythm on a projector or second monitor! Perfect for teaching and quizing students!

Plus, this second heart monitor can be pinned on-top of a slide show or other information that you provide, creating a seamless teaching experience.

Don't have a projector or second monitor? You can use projector mode on your primary display and control everything from your keyboard.

Projector Mode

Real-Time Seamless Rhythm Transitions

Because our rhythms are generated dynamically, all transitions are in real-time and are completely seamless.

As you drag the heart rate slider up, you'll see the heart rate gradually increase and QT intervals shorten.

Drag the amplitude slider on Ventricular Fibrillation and watch it gradually change from Very Coarse to Very Fine and then to Asystole.

Perfect for creating realistic patient scenarios!

Seamless Transitions