ECGSimulator.Net Pricing Information

ECGSimulator.Net is offered as a subscription service. Pricing is per device, and you can choose either a monthly or yearly payment plan.

Monthly: Our monthly plan is best suited for students or others who only need access to the software for a short period of time. The cost is $14.95 per month per device.

Yearly: Our yearly plan is our most economical option for instructors or others who intend to use the software over an extended period of time. Our yearly subscription starts at $149 for the first year, and $99 per year for each subsequent year. Our yearly subscriptions pricing is tiered, meaning that the more devices you have, the less you will pay per device

Yearly Price Tiers

Number of DevicesFirst YearSubsequent Years
2$269 ($134.50 per device)$189 ($94.50 per device)
3$339 ($113.00 per device)$249 ($83.00 per device)
5$499 ($99.80 per device)$399 ($79.80 per device)
10$849 ($84.90 per device)$749 ($74.90 per device)